Sabrina Delale - Founder

Alexa Champion, considering herself as a voice “evangelist”, Sabrina’s passion lies in creating opportunities for voice and conversational bots to affect real change in our daily lives. She strongly believes that voice is the ambient, ubiquitous, simplest and most inclusive channel for cities and brands who want to communicate toward citizen efficiently and rapidly in a user-centric and conversational approach.

Sabrina is constantly on the lookout for the latest innovations brought by conversational assistants and seeks to optimize the combo artificial intelligence, data and quality of experience to create engaging, delightful and useful multi-modals applications that respond to the challenges of territorials, brands and usages transformations.

Experienced in full, end-to-end voice product management, Sabrina’s specific expertise lies in the pioneering field of voice user experience (VUX), which includes use case hypothesis, design thinking, conversational structure, scenario development, interaction design, dialogue flow, experience storyboarding and user testing.

Public speaker, Sabrina is part of the leadership team @SmartVoiceFrance, @AmazonAlexaParis and Voice Lunch's french chapter. She’s mentoring and teaching about Voice Interfaces strategy and design for companies and students @MBA Digital Marketing et Business and @IIM.

Luis Arias - Technical advisor

A culture at the crossroads between Colombia, the United States and France, Luis has a strong experience of startups in France and internationally with technical functions and organizational development. After 4 years of strong commitment as co-founder and President, Luis is currently treasurer of Rueil Digital, a force for proposals in urban citizen innovation projects in Rueil-Malmaison (city in Paris Area). Luis recently spent a decade at Balsamiq, the world leader in low-fidelity UX with the wireframing tool Mockups, before resuming his entrepreneurial career in 2018 in applications of artificial intelligence in the fields of human learning, autonomous vehicle and voice applications with an approach putting design at the center of any initiative. Since 2019, Luis is Head of Artificial Intelligence at Outmind.